Calling all Foodies: Crazy Gringa Hot Sauce

A few weeks ago, Ruby and I received a message from her aunt and uncle asking us to try their hot sauce. And as ladies who never turn away a good taste test, we said, YES! And thank goodness we did. As a total whimp when it comes to anything spicy (I am sweating at even the thought of Flamin Hot Cheetos), I was SHOCKED by how delicious and dynamic I found the flavors to be in Crazy Gringa's bottles of love.

Here is our review:

Chipotle: This was the collective favorite of the group. Had great flavor, went really well with eggs, and seemed to be on the have just enough kick for my weak taste buds.

Jalepeño: This was my personal favorite. Really retained the jalepeño flavor without singeing off all your taste buds but enough kick to get your mouth watering for more.

Ghost Pepper: Surprisingly, becoming a fire-breathing dragon is not a side effect of the ghost pepper hot sauce. I have always wanted to try a ghost pepper, but seeing as my tolerance level for anything spicy (again... pepperonis tend to make run for the nearest cold beverage) is atrociously low, that was never an option. I really liked their ability to maintain the flavor of the ghost pepper and give me a spicy taste I could actually enjoy.

Habanero: This one was great as well. What I notices about all of these sauces was that they didn't taste like every other hot sauce I've ever had. They're unique and way delicious.

Here is how you can learn more about Crazy Gringa (FACEBOOK PAGE) and here is how you can be as lucky as Ruby and myself and purchase a couple of bottles (ETSY PAGE)

My favorite breakfast on the planet earth.
(Look out for a post to guide you in achieving such a mouth-watering start to your morning) 
Top it with some Crazy Gringa Hot Sauce and we have what I like to call a BREAKFAST PARTY!!!
Rubs sure enjoyed Crazy Gringa.
Get it gurrrl.
Pork Belly Taco // Veggie Taco

Never underestimate the power of a good sauce. It is one of my favorite aspects of cooking.

Well done Crazy Gringa. Well done.

Fiercely Yours,

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