Fashionality: My Feelings Regarding Spring 2014

Happy first day of the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week! I don’t know about you all, but I’m going to be watching it streaming live during any free moment this next week. (Watch it here!)

I don’t remember the last time I heard someone say, “I’m SO excited it’s spring!!!!!!!!!!” Mostly because no one says that and if they do, I’m not friends with them on purpose. Spring is like your ex boyfriend; can’t make up his mind, can’t commit, and sure as heck doesn’t have that “one thing” that makes you happy. Fall has cuddles, winter has snow, and summer has the beach. Spring has what? Flowers? I’m sorry spring, but every one has flowers. So, no. I know I’m still about a month behind the first day of spring but I am discussing it for two reasons (other than the fact that it basically is spring in Santa Barbara): 
one- anything I dread, I have to talk about it and plan ahead so I’m not miserable 
two- I secretly really enjoy Spring 2014 fashion trends

That being said here’s something key words // phrases I have picked up on for this season:
// 80s working woman pants (trousers) 
// two piece sets
// tropical
// queen elizabeth (royal) colors
// athletic
// modest girl (3/4) skirts 
// hippie lady (wide-leg) pants
// metallics  
// shift blouse

One: Top, Skirt, Shoes Two: Top, Trousers, Sandals Three: Top, Jeans, Hi-tops 

Fiercely Yours, 

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